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New Pieces and Prints at MFF 2006

Great news!

Rog Minotaur will have new original artwork at the MFF 2006 art show. We will also have new prints for sale in the dealer room.

So check out the art show for the 9 new originals and check me out in the dealer room to say "hi"

Can't wait!
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Kurst Scouting

Rog Minotaur art release coming soon

It's been a hard 3 months for me. So it's been slowing me down on releasing stuff on the internet.

So hopefully tomorrow I will have another picture to release on Rog Minotaur's email list.

I think i will choose a G picture and hopefully everyone will love it :)

Anyways hope everyone have a great weekend and sorry for being slow and hopefully for more time on the internet in August!
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FurEuaction message

Kurst here -

Rog Minotaur is a big supporter of FurEauction it is the reason why it was built. It was put up for Rog Minotaur 5 years ago and hasn't stop running.

Even though my job is 12-16 hours at the moment I still plan to maintain and update it. In fact as I am typing I figured something I could do on it.

For ideas and request please use the fureauction live journal on it.

Thanks for listening
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Rog MInotaur's web site updated

Well I have a few things that are moving big right now but I won't talk about them yet...

But a big thing is Rog Minotaur's website has been updated with a small but important update.

We also have a special "feature" for the week and a few days after Anthrocon.

Anyways hope you like it

Over and out.
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Art print on auction


Just a quick one. Pretty in Pink - A not for work picture posted on Rog Minotaur's email list a week ago is now at FurEauction link for Pretty In Pink

I'll be updating Rog Minotaur's web site in next week or so and that will include this picture in the update if you don't want to go to an online auction site.

Have a great one!

Kurst Scouting

Anthrocon 2006 con plans are off

Anthrocon was the first con that Rog Minotaur showed art at. It really is a special con and means a lot to Rog Minotuar.

So it brings me great pain to say this but....

Rog Minotaur Anthrocon 2006 plans are being cancelled. That includes the dealer den table and the art show.

There are various reasons money and other reasons that happen to all pilled up at once to cause Rog not to be able to make it.

I hope people understand and we hope to be able to go to another con (Midwest Furfest 2006?) in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.
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About Rog Minotaur's Art Policilies

Kurst here with this "unauthorized post" these are my words and opinions (and my horrible grammar it proves it's me ;) ),

2 Ranting Grphon's fur artist rant has been going through my mind the last month. I keep thinking if I should post something about it.

I don't want to sound bitter, angry, upset. I don't want Rog Minotaur to sound pissy or artist snobby. I don't want this to devaluate your opinion of Rog Minotaur.

I consider Rog Minotaur with the likes of Jessica Willard as being very down to earth. And don't take this as "you suck buy our art". But I just want to get out off our chest. These are my words you can take them whatever way.

A lot of people think Rog Minotaur makes a lot of money. The answer is no. The real truth is the majority of money for the whole year at the art shows in the Art Gallery part itself. This cost money to do from transportation, hotel room, and other things is amazing. I personally usually cover all costs for hotel, transportation, etc so that most of the money can go to things like buying food. The money from selling prints is minor net sales for the month don't usually cover the cost of a month of WoW. And overall it's not much money. The money point really hurts us since lack of money prevents going to other conventions which keeps us less known in the fandom. Rog Minotaur had to turn a guest of honor down because to be hoenst we couldn't even afford to transport over there, let alone pay for a room.

So honestly I'm not going to go how much is the total but I can safely say that some people I know make more money in a month than Rog Minotaur makes in a year.

But you know damn it Rog Minotaur still makes art for the world and is still dedicated to the craft. Even that Rog doesn't make much money this is still Rog's full time job. She sacrificing a lot to make the art you see. Most people wouldn't even think of the sacrifices that Rog does to make it happen. And Rog does them each and every year.

When Rog Minotaur started to come onto the internet with art in 2000 we talked about policies what was the rules. We usually internally update it every 2-3 years. Some of them are spoken and some them implied, some for the fans and some for Rog but I figure it's time to say them and why again.

  • First Rog Minotaur is intent on making some of the best images for Fantasy and Furry that Rog can envision. By following what the muse is saying it sometimes creates the best work. Sometimes failures but a lot of time good work.

  • Second commissions other than sketch books are right out. That contradicts the muse. Rog did do a commission recently because of dire financial need recently but that is the exception not the rule. The simple reason is it's not Rog's imagination it makes it a lot harder to do an image for someone and make sure that it's right. It's a lot of pressure and it does slow things down.

  • Third we ask no matter what you think the current laws to respect this. We ask that you don't put a image, link directly or post a thumbnail of an image on web sites. While there will be exceptions to the rule (like it's your own commission or sketchbook or con badge). We ask that unless you get written permission to use Rog Minotaur's art on your site or post it in places life forums.

    Why is that? Each picture is a personal work. They take at least 40+ hours to do them. Most of them run into the 100s of hours. Rog put that much work and really has put a lot of effort. Some may even have deep personal meaning. Rog really wants the picture to live by itself. To be in its own world.

    I know this might contradict some people wishes. I know some people might scream fair use. Or even it's advertising. But as members of the community we ask you this. We really wish that you don't and we promise something else to you.

  • Rog Minotaur does not plan to do any art sites. I know that hurts our following in the fandom. We could be more popular and bigger but we have our reason. Actually three of the top of my head. One we tell people don't post in forums and other places and then we go do it ourselves. Not exactly the best thing to do and confuses people. The second no control over the site look and feel. The site manager can change, put their own banner and stuff. It's there site they can do anything they want. Ads everything. We just don't want that. And honestly it feels like a competition something we want to just do art for art sake not because it's better than xx or yy

  • We really REALLY don't want you to use a picture as your character. If it's not a commission it's really just bad taste. It's not designed for your character. It was not imagined as your character. It might match your imagination but would you like to have written something and everyone says it's ____ character and that is what it is by people's view?

  • We told a lot of stuff we don't want other people to do but we have our own things we want to do to the community. We want to provide a "nice" size image with the copy good enough so you can see on your monitor and all that jazz. Yeah i know it's not 300 dpi but hey we like to do this.

  • We will not put the (C) statement on the picture covering up the art in a major way. We will try our best to put it on the right in a good place not across the important parts. Someplace that you can still see it but won't stop you from enjoying the image. Some of our older pics we did do not have the (C) in the right place. Sorry about that. I've been slowly reediting them some them restoring the art and redoing the (C) since we don't have a large scan of the art.

  • We won't try to cover "those bits" on adult art. We know some of you may enjoy adult art. We aren't here to stop you from that.

  • What you do with the art on your computer as long as we don't here is.... Good for you. We know people put the picture and do other stuff. Good for you. As long as you aren't abusing our rights I don't care. I really don't want to hear it. A while back we posted Adult Maid Service door hanger. We had the (C) across the image in that picture and someone actually sent us a big thing about how cool. And including is a (C) taken out and telling us how to print them using the file. I personally couldn't believe that email. Mind you it really slow down posting for a while.

  • We will keep updating the web site. We will update the web site when we have time. We will also keep older art there. I think having a past is important. And some people really still love that older style art even though it's not up to what Rog can do now. We want the place to be the one stop place to see all Rog's work past and present. And that it's up here as long as I can keep it someplace.

  • We also understand you can't always afford art. Rog Minotaur try to keep things somewhat reasonable on prints and since the average original auction is well under $100. Most people can get an original picture for a reasonable part. We had multiple originals that sold for less than $10.00 in the last year. While that is painful we get sometimes letters from people saying how much they enjoy the picture. You know that makes it all worth it. Knowing that someone loved the picture.

  • Last but not least if you like something please send us email direct to rog, on the email list, or sign the guest book. We aren't asking that you buy prints We understand people aren't rich. But it's nice to hear "thanks for the art" or "it's good". We get literally an email a month from a fan. So if you like the art please feel free to email a thank you. It really helps keep things going. Sending critique if not asked is really unwanted. To be honest we really critique Rog's own art before you see it. Rog knows most if not all the flaws in the art. And hearing critiques sometimes can feel mean and well slow down art.

I still think this image below summarizes a lot of our thoughts on it.

Rog Minotaur comments

We know you want to see the art. We want to share the art with you. We care that you enjoy the picture. But please give us respect and in return we will give respect back.

Thanks for listening to this unauthorized rant from Kurst the Tired Coyote.
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Woo Hoo AOL Has Blocked my email as a spammer

Thank GOD I would be afraid of myself otherwise.

Well what is happening is Rog Minotaur's email list goes to some people on AOL.

So they get a picture from the mailing list and for whatever reason they hit "SPAM" on their counter. AOL goes OMG this person is one of the top anti-spam people on the server anything he says is SPAM is! We must KILL the server block that this is coming form, the email address, and kill a mother little child to stop it.


So now my main email account can't get through AOL. AOL is useless giving out information about why they do things and how to get into their good side other than get into their certification program. I got what message was the stick and you go okay that's a picture that was G, totally not offensive, and to be honest ad free. So got on the spam list for doing WHAT EXACTLY THE EMAIL LIST WAS supposed to be doing.

And best AOL sells this "spammer" list to companies and other ISP.

So cross fingers it gets off before hand.

Look if you are on a mailing list and you don't like the content unsubscribe. You don't like a person or a subject on the email list then use the delete key. But DON'T HIT THE THIS IS SPAM BUTTON. Like I said if you don't WANT to see the stuff really unsubscribe. If you don't know how... ASK or look in the raw header of the message, the bottom of the message, and any extra attachments. Usually those have the information or at least lead to your unsubscribing.

As you can guess I am working on this diligently and when things are a little more cleared up I will resume sending from the email list.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for listening to the rant :)
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